If you're in chronic pain or struggling with your body...

I believe you can feel better, live more freely in your body and create the abundant life you deserve. YOU can be your own healer.


And welcome to Nomadic Wellness University. I'm so happy you are here. My company is dedicated to making health & fitness approachable & convenient for the modern lifestyle.

Your body isn't a rental - it's yours for life. Learn how to treat it well & enjoy it for a lifetime. Join me for Yoga, Pilates and Nutritional Therapy. I look forward to making this journey with you!

Ishbel Cavaleri, Owner

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COMING SOON: Nutritional Therapy Guide

Exercise can be convenient and more importantly - kind to your body.
I'll show you how.


About Me

I’m Ishbel Cavaleri, and I’ve helped many people just like you get out of pain and heal their bodies. I’ve had my own struggles with my health from debilitating back pain to years of sickness that I’ve healed with methods that take into account the whole person, not just the symptoms.

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